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Study Chinese Online is a community for students that want to improve their chinese language skills. Our website is also a portal for tutors to offer chinese lessons, and students to find an appropriate teacher.

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Why study Chinese ?

There are plenty of reasons to study chinese these days. The following article "Why study chinese ? for your consideration.

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One reason to register on our website might be because you really want to learn Chinese. We will help you to make good choices in selecting your perfect study-website. Once you become one of our members, you can enjoy several discounts and promotions on other study-websites. Are you ready ? Join us today and discover all of these promotions.

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Learning languages should be with fun and extra curricular activities and Summer Camp Europe is the best option for this.

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Special thanks to the volunteers that reviewed and translated our website in spanish and chinese : Leles (spanish review) and Yu (full chinese translation).

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We would like to offer our website in different languages, so that more people can take advantage of this website. We have a french version that should be reviewed by a native speaker. And we're welcoming volunteers (native speakers) to translate to german, thai, italian, japanese, korean and many other languages. Are you a native speaker and you have some spare time to translate our website ? Please contact the administrator.

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A website and no logo, how about that ?! If you're creative or you just want to give it a try, feel free to send us your innovative logo-design to : info@study-chinese-online.com The winner receives a gold account for 1 year (value 17.88 EUR).